Retracting a Bid

It is important to remember that every online auction bid is a legally binding contract.

However, in certain exceptional circumstances, the website does permit the retraction of an online auction bid. An instance of where you would be able to retract a bid is if you accidentally entered a wrong bid amount. For example, you inadvertently recorded 1,250-50 instead of 125-50.

It is on the other hand not acceptable to retract a bid if you simply changed your mind about the item, decided you could not afford the item or have realised that you have bid more than you planned.

When you retract a bid, you will eliminate all bids you have placed in that online auction. Therefore if you are retracting to correct a bidding error, you will have to enter any required bids again.

Bid retraction applications can be made by using the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page.