16GB Apple iPad Air with WI-FI

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Starting Date 13-Jul-2014 2:00 PM
Ending Date 24-Jul-2014 11:00 PM
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Item Description

The most amazing thing about holding the Apple iPad Air is that you forget you’re holding it. iPad Air is astonishingly thin and light. Through a series of refinements, Apple was able to drop close to a quarter of the volume of the previous-generation iPad. Yet from the moment you pick it up, you’ll notice how durable it feels. Elegant unibody construction strengthens and simplifies the enclosure. Apple took everything it learned about making unibody devices and refined the process to be even more material-efficient and exact. The result is an iPad Air that feels amazing to hold and is easy to take with you wherever you go. Valued at $600, this 16GB iPad Air with WI-FI does even more but weighs even less.

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