EVTMSB0116 - Slab of premium Hawthorn Brewing Co. Pilsner

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Starting Date 01-Jul-2013 9:00 AM
Ending Date 08-Jul-2013 9:00 PM
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Item Description

This slab of premium Hawthorn Brewing Co. Pilsner is a winning edition to any beer drinkers' fridge. The Hawthorn Pilsner won Best Lager/Pilsner at the Hong Kong International Beer Awards in 2011 and won bronze medals in the Australian International Beer Awards 2012 and the International Beer Challenge London 2012.


Hawthorn Pilsner draws inspiration from the famous lager regions of Europe. With pilsner malt as the base and just a hint of light crystal malt, it pours a crystal clear gold colour.


Cool fermentation with an imported yeast strain and a lengthy cold storage ensures a very clean and crisp palate, while the use of noble German hops mid way through the boil introduces a delectable floral flavour. Finally, dry hop a fresh Czech variety for a delicate spicy aroma.


Highly refreshing and light to medium in body, Hawthorn Pilsner is the perfect easy drinking beer.


Hawthorn Pilsner is an all-malt beer with no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Drink it cold and best from a narrow glass. Perfect with fish and chips, or equally enjoyable on its own.


Valued at $80


Donated by Hawthorn Brewing Co.


Item must be collected from Hawthorn Football Club or delivery arranged by Friday 30 August 2013. Any courier or postage delivery requirements are at the expense of the successful bidder. The successful bidder must be 18 years or over and proof of ID must be produced to Hawthorn Football  Club prior to collection.