HMA12015 - Mustard Pots Guernsey with 1933 Team Photo

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Item Description

Too good to miss – a limited edition Mustard Pots Guernsey produced by the Hawks Museum and a very collectable 1933 team photo


The guernsey is a replica of the 1933 guernsey when Hawthorn reversed the brown and gold colours of the guernsey in an effort to lift team morale.   The guernsey became gold with a brown ‘V’ and collar.  The guernsey on offer is made from wool and sports the correct buttoned floppy collar.  The HFC wore this design for the one year then reverted to the Mayblooms design, brown with a gold ‘V’ design until the vertical stripes were introduced in 1950.


Accompanying this unique offer is a copy of the 1933 team photo that originally hung in the Past Players Rooms in the Dr Ferguson Stand at Glenferrie.  Depicted in this photo are Bert Mills, Teddy Pool and Stan Spinks all later inducted in the Hawthorn’s Hall of Fame.


These two items could be framed together making an interesting piece of Hawthorn history for the keen fan with an eye for the early days, or the guernsey would make a positive and unique Brown & Gold statement if worn to the footy.