HMA11019 - 1961 Collection - Guernsey, Graham Arthur Signed Album and Postcards

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Item Description

Hawks Museum’s latest offer; 1961 repro guernsey and a signed autograph album by Graham Arthur plus a set of the premiership postcards:

As part of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Hawthorn’s first premiership in 1961 the Hawks Museum has released a limited number of commemorative items.

The 1961 Guernsey, which has been knitted on a recently restored knitting machine that made the VFL Guernseys worn by the players from the 1950s into the early 1960s.   Made from wool, the Guernsey comes with the correct vertical strips and button up collar of the period with a white cotton patch for the players number on the back.  Idea to wear to the footy or for display purposes

There are 11 postcards in the set one for each of the Hawks 10 premierships with the 11th a photo of the 1961 team assembled for a photo 50 years later

The post cards can be glued into the autograph album that has plenty of space to collect the signatures of your premiership heroes. As a starter, the album has the 1961 Premiership Captain Graham Arthur autograph on the ’61 page inside.